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Today's work. Empty Today's work.

Post by jobro13 on Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:31 pm

I'm posting this here as anyone can react on this, and it doesn't only have to do with coding.

Today's work. BSIUVxkCAAAlRTl

The past days I have been working on some visible features - the Character, and some invisible features such as the API infrastructure itself. I am still trying to figure out a way to "inject" a special environment into a script which will make the API unstealable from there. As everyone knows, some features of the API have to do with security and these things have to be protected at any cost. If any hacker wants to play, he can destroy a game, but it would be nice if he could not destroy any data or something else.

As of today, 20 august, I have done the following.

First of all, I worked further on the Matrix class. A matrix is a mathematical "item" which is extremely handy in some cases. For example, with matrices, you can solve lineair equations with over a thousand variables. You may ask yourself why that is handy, but I have already found an use for it.

Second, I finished the Sine class. I used that one today to make the character limbs work. The Sine class can be found under the math library, via math.Sine. math.Sine.Types holds the two sine types, namely, the Cosine and the Sine, which are almost the same except an offset. The Sine class can be created via the new function. Example;

local MySine =,1,2,0,math.Sine.Types.Sine)
It's arguments are:

max, min, period, starting point offset, [type]

Via that, it creates a sine which you can call and which is returned. If you call it (with a number) it returns the value of that sine. This makes it easier to make sines. Later on, it will be extended with some functions, as :GetAngle and :Visualize, which do what you would expect. Visualize will use the GraphService, a debug service to make it easier to "mine" in data and find bugs.

The next thing I did was work on the character again. You all know I already finished it once, but the new character features more limbs (15 in total) and also features a very special thing: the limbs are always calculated via a "preset" size, which means we can create characters with randomly sized limbs!

Limbs are indexed via the normal Player.Character[Limb Name]. The limb names are:

Left Upper Arm - Torso - Right Upper Arm
Left Forearm - Right Forearm
Left Hand - Right Hand
Left Upper Leg - Right Upper Leg
Left Lower Leg - Right Lower Leg
Left Feet - Right Feet
Their actual connections, the connection points, can be found via the Torso (they are all put in the torso)

Left Ankle
Left Elbow
Left Hip
Left Knee
Left Shoulder
Left Wrist
NeckUp (Head - Neck weld)
Right Ankle
Right Elbow
Right Hip
Right Knee
Right Shoulder
Right Wrist
Later on, I worked on the animation - it will be polished some more, as I want to make it look like "real" walking. It also needs some more technical integration, but that is coming along really well.

As some of you may have noticed, I have put on some videos on youtube. Why not share them here?


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Today's work. Empty Re: Today's work.

Post by Zokorio on Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:53 pm

Quite tall. xD

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Today's work. Empty Re: Today's work.

Post by coolieman2 on Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:43 am

I agree. But the character mark 3 looks a little better. Especially arms. And i agree with zokorio that it's quite tall. I also think you should make the neck a little bit smaller meaning thinner.

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Today's work. Empty Re: Today's work.

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