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Idea/Suggestion Perks?

Post by guys102 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:25 pm

Would it be useless to add perks? here's what I have in mind, Ok, so we are trying to make a realistic survival game, then they should have some special traits, and or a body build that effects them in some movement, for example, look below. These perks also could be optional, maybe have a skip button? It'd especially make the game a bit harder.

Fat:Can hold a bit more items, but has slower walkspeed

Skinny:Normal(or increased walkspeed) but can't hold as much things, (or slows down when backpack is full)

Normal:Normal walkspeed,etc.

And those are just the body builds, they could be a:

Researcher:Earns 2x more tech points

Animal Whisperer:Good with animals, (animals will not attack you, unless you attack them.)

My point is, is the perks could make the game a bit more interesting, and give them a boost in gameplay aswell. Well, give me your thoughts on it.

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Idea/Suggestion Re: Perks?

Post by jobro13 on Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:30 am

Yeah... I was about to introduce them in the old game. Perks are nice, but I think we should focus on a more "dynamic" character system, such as the sims character creation system where you spread points for certain traits. You could for example spend all your perks on "energy" so that you can run longer.

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