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Custom Buildings - being custom to the max Empty Custom Buildings - being custom to the max

Post by jobro13 on Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:47 pm

After discussing why the old game works and the old new game does not work, I come to the following conclusions (in short):

-The game is a tech demo
-The game doesnt have the old game feel
-The game has confusing controls
-The game doesnt have a cool custom building system
-The game doesnt have enough content

The first is what kills the game;
The second could be fixable, but is hard;
The third thing is easy to fix;
The fourth thing is easy to fix;
The fifth thing will be added over time

This topic is about "custom building system". While the old game had a custom building system, this isn't as clean as it should be. I hope you all remember how we had to fill gaps; digging through a huge menu to find the right part.

What I propose is that we get a building kit, consisting of all normal items. These are doors, windows, floors, etc. Maybe I will add for these types of buildings this offset system we had before, because building some stuff with those was easy to do.

When you have to fill a gap, you do the following;

-> You open the backpack
-> You select a resource which has the attribute of the Building Material (more info on "attributes" in another topic)
-> You click Build

This will open the Custom Building menu; it is basically a tool which allows you to resize and move the current part around, and weld it to any building possible.
This makes it possible to create very cool buildings. Think about statues made from stone and epic wood bridges.

The only prerequiste is that you have enough building material. This is where the fun kicks in. I'm going to try to define the recipes in volume and not in "resource" anymore. If you think about it, the old game was okay (medium wood only had one size) while the new game has "logs" which are of various sizes, which all create the same.

It's still a game though, but I propose this - which is a little bit unrealistic.
The game will figure out if you have a saw equipped (if not, you cannot build and the system will politely notify the player).
If you have a saw equipped (or an axe, but this is slower) you can cut building material. This is done to create the right shape of the building material. Note that this only goes for wood: stones will need other "cutting tools" (hammer + some spike kind of tool, forgot the name). This will select the building materials which are going to be used (ex. a door is 1 m^3 of wood, it finds all wood of the same type, takes enough, then saws the last piece and puts the remainder back in the backpack, following by the creation of the door).
Custom buildings will work the same; the volume of the part is calculated and the parts are sawn to give the right remainder. If there is not enough building material left, you cannot build anymore!

This is only unrealistic in the fact that the shapes are not right. I don't think anyone cares about that though.


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