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Post by jobro13 on Fri May 23, 2014 4:27 am

Everyone currently mines horizontal. I don't like that. There is no trigger though for people to mine vertical. This will change in the upcoming update.

The upcoming update adds 4 layer types of rocks which all have 5 types of stone. These stones differ in hardness and of course their looks also differ. Every stone has a special ore which will have a higher percentage to spawn that ore in that stone. You will soon find out which stones bear a lot of copper ore.

The mine BnI6udSCAAA2N6J

Above picture demonstrates the rock types.

It is nearly impossible to mine in Pressured / Volcanic rocks using only a stone pickaxe. Stone pickaxes do 1 "damage point" to stones. The hardness of stones defines how much hits you need to split a rock. With the upcoming durability, stone pickaxes will then break easily if you mine on those rocks. If you create a bronze pickaxe this will already be much better.

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