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Post by jobro13 on Fri May 23, 2014 4:46 am

Things which will be added in the Mining Update release:

-4 stone layer types
-20 different stones
-22 different ores
-6 tiers of metals (starting with stone (okay thats not a metal) and ending with Stainless Steel (!!!!!!))
-14 different alloys. (Note: yes, most are useful. There are going to be 3 alloys which will temporarily have no use, but due to the ore rarity I doubt anyone will ever create that)

Some crafts which will be added: (all tools will have a their tools for all tiers - Stranded's code does not create crafts for those, but rather is smart and creates a certain tool with a certain metal - the tool code will then define the stats such as sharpness, damage, durability, etc)

-Campfire (who doesn't like campfires? Most primitive fire source)
-Firestarter (because flints will be MUCH HARDER to create! Be ready to be annoyed by these stupid sticks)
-Flint (recipe changed)
-Firemaking bow (who remembers this?)
-Forge (Essential metalworking device)
-Clay bowl (Needed to create an early mixing device)
-Crucible (early mixing device)
-Stone Oven (yay)
-Bloomery (needed to create wrought iron)
-Blast Furnace (who doesn't like steel?)
-Anvils (hammer them)
-Armor (not only for torso)
-Shovel (essential metalworking tool)

-Focus will be less on finding crafts and more on "doing things". There will be some general hints for creating stuff
-Clothing GUI

I'll keep you guys updated!

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