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Island Building Standards Empty Island Building Standards

Post by Xulp on Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:09 pm

If you want to build an island for stranded, then you must include a few things.

1.) Use Jobro's beaches for the borders on your islands. If you want to make the shore rocky or something besides sand (NEVER grass) , it is allowed, but try to make it look natural.

2.) No CFrame rotation. CFrame positioning is allowed, although not recommended.

3.) Don't put any scripts into islands or island parts. If you have an idea for a script in a part of an island, talk to me or Jobro to make sure it's appropriate and if so, get it made correctly by a scriper.

4.) Your island must always be above the height of the sand at all points unless you want it to be underwater. If you want it to be underwater, surround the area with sand and make it look suiting.

5.) Before you make an island, talk to me. We don't want somebody spending hours of time for an island that won't be used.

6.) Finish your island before adding resources. Put the island as a model then place your resources. Lock your island, so it won't move when placing stuff.

This will be updated from time to time, but make sure to follow these rules.

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Island Building Standards Empty Re: Island Building Standards

Post by jobro13 on Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:44 am

Good rules. I suggest adding one tough, the one about the "material". It's handy for scripting; if we want to change seasons for example, we can change all "grass" materials to a darker color (in the winter!).


-->Material [StringValue] Value: <Material>

OR just

->Material [StringValue] Value: <Material>

Depends on what's more handy.

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